Heel Promo

by Farooq

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Heel Promo is the precursor to our 2nd album entitled "The Faction". It is a 3 song steel chair shot to the head that we will take everywhere with us. Look out.


released July 15, 2016

Written produced and recorded by Phillip Camacho, Daniel Dominguez and Eric Martinez.
Mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Productions.



all rights reserved


Farooq Fresno, California


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Track Name: Write Up (promo)
You're just a motherfucking ignorant liar that was never worth a damn.
A fake, underhanded, backstabbing failure.
You only have a chance when you hide who you really are.

I could spend forever telling you how you're a piece of shit, but I'd rather not waste another breath.
Fuck you.
Track Name: Hoarders (promo)
Soldiers, gunmen, officials, generals, citizens pushed down for the others to rise. While we glean, they just leave us all to rot (lose).
Touchdown dancing in your face.
You're still cheering them on.
(In your face)
Your heroes find their fortune by robbing you. Still begging for more.
Backhanded love is in the air.
Unseen, I smell if from miles away. (x2)
I can smell it from miles away.

This world burns all around us, as I sit here playing on my phone.
Millions stuffer in vain, while I'm still stuck playing on my fucking phone.

I'm the effect. It's so hard for me to say. I am a product.
I'm the effect of my native ancestors being raped. It's still hard for me to say when my blood line is half predator....and half prey. I won't be threatened by the reckoning of our last days. The rest can have their hands and heads tied together spun all as praise.
Our father whose art is deception, hollow be thy game.
(hollow be thy game) Lightyears away, we could be inferiors, ignoring infinity.
Obsessing over obese obituaries, soldiers in infancy and infantry.
Compressing covert corps competing as missionaries.

Everyone is sick and dying and now I'm all fucked up.
(We're all fucked)
Everyone is sick and dying and now I'm all fucked up.
Track Name: Ask Me (promo)
Ask me if i give a fuck.

I'm standing here staring at this gift you took for granted, you overlooked, you pushed aside. I'm standing here moving all the shit your bought and let sit there.
None of this has moved for 5 fucking years. You would say I can't be serious, I'd ask if you were kidding.
5 fucking years of a life sentence. Went into a coma after 2, and at that point I only did what I had to do.
Made my self sick, trying not to throw it back on you.
I'm out. I'm done. God Damn.
All the beautiful things I said and did were to convince myself we had a chance, knowing I was wrong all along.
I completely pour my heart out, leaving a shell you dressed to put in a coffin. Push me to give more than you deserve, then you ask me.
You ask me if I give a fuck.