The Faction

by Farooq

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Farooq is releasing it's second full length album titled "The Faction"!

Disclaimer: The album is priced $2.00 more here because of Bandcamp and PayPal processing fees.


released July 7, 2017



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Farooq Fresno, California

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Track Name: Write Up
You’re just a mutha fuckin ignorant liar that was never worth a damn. A fake, underhanded, backstabbing failure. You only have a chance when you hide who you really are. I could spend forever telling you how you’re a piece of shit, but I’d rather not waste another breath. Fuck you.
Track Name: Insinuations
Moving right along. We gotta be doing it like…every single day. Pushing though polluted waves of aimless bodies. Following the same simple lead backed by the lowest, slowest, soulless. Fuck.
Am I the one that has to show you, at the cost of my contact? Fine, I’ve always felt separate from it anyway. The young ones fantasize, borrowing clothes. Know-nothings with open mouths while minds are closed. Acting out, but never step out of line. Dim and dense, but appearing to shine somehow. You motherfuckers. Raise flags in an image of your captors. Victims yet. If you need me to repeat myself, I would a thousand times if it gave you my sight for a second. If you could feel my plight for a moment. The motive I’ve chosen; to grow this and will you to notice. I hope you know. So fuck it make me famous or shoot me in the head. Whatever it may take so you’ll remember what I said. Just don’t send me out to pasture and forget I ever grew, because getting to you could be something I may never do. The pain of it drives me. While your models hitch a free ride, we’re scraping up for gas. Fuck. It’s so hard for me to admit that I need you, because I know too much about something that might be true. They’ll give it up the instant they’re found out. Once you see they’re only droning and growling. Hoping that you never truly listen. Smoke clouding your vision. They don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to listen. With the smoke clouding your vision. I hope you know, they just want to be. They just want to be heard of.
Track Name: Suck Dynasty
I would love to answer your call with the arms you don’t deserve. Beat you with the crutch you’d never need. You seem to have enough and better means than the average. I wish I saw you on the median with a sign begging for change. That change that some way keeps you the same. Afloat, but I hope you sink. Affluent sham excuse of a man. Influential to the fault, cracking on the grounds of unstable soil. Royal as the subjects toil. Justice is when you have to suffer as bad as those you disgrace to gain your spoils. I would love to answer your calls with your own weapons. What’s up now? You’ve been drowned out. The tables have turned. Hunting the hunters. Predators get the worst. The fables you learned are nothing but luster. I’ve been seeing through that shit since I was a kid. Now I see you. You fucking psychopath. What would happen if I mounted your head up on my wall? You are a failing status symbol. You stay at the top souring our culture. Rich in pus, full of antibiotics. Manufacturing trash. Selling deception. I would love to answer your call with the arms you don’t deserve. Beat you with the crutch you’d never need. Affluent sham, I hope you sink. The tables have turned I’m hunting the hunters. Killing is business, and your business is bullshit. Killing is business and fuck yourself ‘till you die.
Track Name: #barz
Take a look at yourself. Does the mirror show you as you are? Can you see through these walls, or are you stuck inside? Washed out with the tide. Do you know who you are or what you are? Being fucked so hard. The subject of a world of experiments. Raised and reduced, betrayed to produce. You never knew, it’s like that in the hieroglyphics yeah. You think you’re in for a happy ending? Poor fools, you owe. From your inception, few exceptions. The ones getting ahead stay on your head, and in them too. Convincing you, you’re cool. Making you believe these are your cities, your churches, your homes and your schools. You never knew. The infrastructure around your info is structured to infer structure on top of you. The cornerstone in the martyrs’ bones. This government is a business and this country its corporate HQ. The state: its departments. The population: its products. Born unknown, they are the drones. Take a look at yourself. Can you see through these walls? Do you know who you are? Do you know what you are? You never knew. I could probably end up in a ditch for this, but as long as I get this out before I go. I’ll have that peace of mind. Give them a piece of mind at every show. No, I couldn’t relent if I tried. Is it better to fight ’til you die, or get up and live while dead inside?
Track Name: Ask Me
Ask me if I give a fuck. I'm standing here staring at this gift you took for granted, you overlooked, you pushed aside. I'm standing here moving all the shit you bought and let sit there. None of this has moved for five fucking years. You would say I can't be serious, I'd ask if you were kidding.
five fucking years of a life sentence. Went into a coma after 2, and at that point I only did what I had to do. Made my self sick, trying not to throw it back on you. I'm out. I'm done. God Damn. All the beautiful things I said and did were to convince myself we had a chance, knowing I was wrong all along. I completely poured my heart out, leaving a shell you dressed to put in a coffin. Push me to give more than you deserve, then you ask me.
You ask me if I give a fuck. Nope.
Track Name: Hoarders
Soldiers, gunmen, officials, generals, citizens pushed down for the others to rise. While we glean, they just leave us all to rot (lose).
Touchdown dancing in your face. You're still cheering them on. (In your face)Your heroes find their fortune by robbing you. Still begging for more. Backhanded love is in the air. Unseen, I smell it from miles away. I can smell it from miles away. This world burns all around us, as I sit here playing on my phone. Millions suffer in vain, while I'm still stuck playing on my fucking phone. I'm the effect. It's so hard for me to say. I am a product. I'm the effect of my native ancestors being raped. It's still hard for me to say when my blood line is half predator....and half prey. I won't be threatened by the reckoning of our last days. The rest can have their hands and heads tied together spun all as praise.
Our father whose art is deception, hollowed be thy game. (hollowed be thy game) Lightyears away, we could be inferiors, ignoring infinity.
Obsessing over obese obituaries, soldiers in infancy and infantry. Compressing covert corps competing as missionaries. Everyone is sick and dying and now I'm all fucked up. We're all fucked.
Track Name: Flippin' on eBay
I’ve seen them rise, I see them fall. I’ve watched them walk before they crawl all over ideals they’re supposed to uphold. When it’s time to keep it real the little jokes will just fold. Couldn’t even learn how to stand on your own two. Flying in head first, falling out. Acting like they don’t know you, and I’m the asshole for staying faithful. How am I wrong for holding true to myself? I know who I am. I don’t think I ever met you, trying to remind me of what you were, like it matters who you are today. You spent your time running with the bulls. Following the crowd. Trying to be different just like all your friends. You still look like a piece of shit to me. Putting on for them all, in another attempt to fit the mold. Putting up another wall, frontin' in the dark to make believe you’re cold. You fake, you will never find a gear set up to hide your fake undertones. You could never buy enough kicks. You will never have the pair it takes to stand firm in anything. No matter what, you’re going to look back and hate yourself, hopefully more than you do right now. You say you’re over it, and too grown for it, nobody owes you shit.
Track Name: Corporate Champ
Rat race king, rush hour warden, focus on winning and making a killing. Always had provision. Forces us to listen, but how could we all listen when he’s well fed and we’re still hungry? He’s staying ready to push us to starvation. Every day: clocks our insanity. Every other week: we lost our humanity. I’ve been down oh so long. He’s at the top of the ladder smiling down like he cares. Spitting on me as I keep my head down and grind my teeth away. I’ve become this stone. It’s all I’ve known. Spending more time here than with my loved ones. He’s focused on fucking us every day. Planting the seeds to grow his trust funds. I’m not standing for that shit one more day. We tied him up, put him in the trunk. That mother fucker is coming with us. (Pop the trunk).
Tonight I clock in and clock him, then watch him get dropped quick. Mask on hands tied so even if he wants he can’t talk shit. We tied him up, put him in the trunk. That mother fucker is coming with us. I won’t let myself continue to be your property, an opportunity for advancement of your own assets. Your last day = my first day. The team is ready, we’re all clocked in. Mutiny is the game. Mask on, but it doesn’t matter. He never even knew my name. We tied him up, put him in the trunk. That mother fucker is coming with us.
Track Name: No Parking
You don’t know what you got…you should already know the rest. Joni Mitchell never lied. She said, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” Passing on too many times we’ll never have again. Wondering where you’ve been, not knowing it’s all over. Now that shit ain’t for the kids, it’s for the old dead white men with green faces. Clothes keep changing sizes, but you won’t grow. Celebrating eras full of what you don’t know. Fall. If it wasn’t for bad luck, you spoiled little fucks would have no excuses at all. Tell mommy and daddy shut the fuck up. Keep quiet, keep buying weak tries because they couldn’t teach you what to do with the ball. If it wasn’t for bad luck, you spoiled little fucks would have no excuses at all. They drink with the coach. A pretense approach puts a bunch of fans and complainers in the game they should only watch from their smart TVs. Your grandad donned white hoods and got away with atrocious crimes, now you want to con like crooks and model in the clothes from mine. The ignorance of the privileged. The unsung failures. Affluenza is a powerful plague. Fall, fall hard. Take it all, use it all like your right. Like your history made you to be. You could lie, you could steal, you could kill and prosper from what you’ve taken from me. I see you. I study you. I am here to cut your achilles and laugh as you trip and fall.
Track Name: Humble U
Humble beginnings in a land of unrest. From a culture of humility and hard work. Bred in tradition. Of strength. He found his first love and let nothing get in the way of his dreams, he was to be the best. He was to be the best his country had seen. In line behind his kind mentor, who was wrongfully slain. He had to run, his mentor was wrongfully slain by their own corrupt leader. He had to flee or he would suffer the same fate. So he made off with only his heart and mind to the land of promise that he had heard of, hoping to work. Hoping to find a place to grow and share what he loved with the world. He found it all and so much more. Too much too fast in the wrong direction. Did what he loved for money, women, drugs, fame and next to nothing. An internet meme. A radio joke. A cautionary tale. Rebuilt as a legend. The legend he will always be: SHEIK.
Track Name: You Got Me
You're the reason I wake up. You woke me up, brought me up and made me. Made me do it like only I can. I can do it all because of you. I've done it all for you and I do it all for you. Skipping through them harder times. I ain’t never scared. I'm about that, nothing without that. My M.O., you proved it. Helped me figure it out and get on point. Still, you keep me moving. With you in my heart, I could never see me losing. Skipping through them harder times, that's how we do it. I do it. I do it all for you, because you're the reason I wake up, you woke me up, damn. You really got me now, you got me so I don't know what I'm doing. You really got me now, you got me so I can't sleep at night. You really got me now, you got me so I don't know where I'm going. You really got me now, you got me so I can't sleep at night. I see the past running through my mind and I see you by my side the whole time. Holding me up. Keeping me strong. I never knew you would be the one to save me. I remember the night we met, I had no idea what to expect. Never forget how I felt so stupid. No clue what I was doing and now you got me. I do it all. I do it all for you. I do it all because of you.
Track Name: 80/20 (Bonus Track)
It’s only me. It’s just me forever. One of these dudes could be high right now, but they still respect me for what I don’t do. I could respect them for being themselves. (J-Dubb talks that shit) None of us fake the funk. We all gotta get along since we’re here. (This is a hardcore show, not church, not the mall. This isn’t high school, this is something more.) We’re all like captive animals trying to break out. We want the mutha fuckin jungle. Lets Go. We all gotta get along since we’re here.